Alpaca Curcuit Training

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What a beautiful weekend, the weather has been absolutely glorious so much so that even though we had a huge list of jobs that needed doing, we found ourselves spending more and more time just sitting watching our latest alpaca arrivals Wilson and Teddy.

Those boys would keep any one mesmorised for hours they are just so cute and funny.

Wilson has spent most of the weekend trying to get Teddy to wake up and come play with him. Wilson didn’t quite get that Teddy was only a couple of days old and needed to spend more time nursing on his mom and sleeping than charging at break neck speed around the paddock like Wilson wanted to do.

Finally Sunday evening, after Wilson had spent ten minutes chewing on Teddy’s ear, Teddy got the message and the Alpaca boys racing team had there first practice session.

Wilson being two weeks old and such a show off totally relished leaving Teddy is his wake. I think he’d better make the most of it as it won’t be long before Teddy and his longer legs will definitely be giving Wilson a run for his money.

Year after year, each new crop of cria all do exactly the same, turning the early evenings into track sessions and boy can they move.

Race training occurs at least once a day, more if it’s not to hot, mostly they wait untill it starts to cool down in the evenings, its a great way to use up all that excess energy before they start to slow down for the night.

Mostly thier mothers are happy about this as it gives them thirty minutes of peace from their demanding offspring.

However occasionally the youngsters have steering issues and circuit training turns into a session of bumper cars, with their mothers playing the role of crash barriers.

Watching the mothers berate their boisterous youngsters is so funny, and reminds me of my own children when they were young and a handful. I’m so glad mine are finally all grown 🙂


Teddy & Wilson

Teddy & Wilson

Teddy & Wilson

Teddy & Wilson



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