A Busy Alpaca Farm

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A bit of a late one today as we’ve had visitors from Scotland and I completely forgot about the blog. It has been a busy end to this week as we had visitors Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It’s a bit like waiting for a bus, you don’t see any for a little while and then three come all at once :

But who can blame them, who want’s to go visit an Alpaca farm in the cold and rain, and we’ve certainly had a lot of that recently.

With the temperature rising, I mentioned in a previous blog, my horse Charlie has started to loose his winter coat. It’s the only downside to spring as for a few weeks it feels like I’m permanently covered in ginger hair, he’s a chestnut.

There’s just so much of it and it seems no matter how much you groom him, there’s still more to come out.

So this week armed with my Dyson hoover complete with dog grooming attachment, I hoovered my horse ๐Ÿ™‚

Was he bothered? No, he quite enjoyed it I think. More importantly did it work? The answer to that is yes, it worked really well, the hoover was full up with his hair. This is such an improvement, much as I love him, being covered from head to foot in ginger hair is not my thing ๐Ÿ™‚

Will I be hoovering him again? almost certainly, it was much quicker and he still has lots of coat that still needs to come out.

Now my next challenge is getting all the others horses used to seeing the hoover. They are not quite as placid and sensible as Charlie and at the moment I think the flexible hose rather than the noise would spook them. So until they get used to seeing it around I wouldn’t attempt to hoover them. But never say never! ๐Ÿ™‚






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