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This year I decided to enter a few fleece shows.  As all our fleeces with the exception of Dora’s go into wool production I decided I would spare a couple from the wool bag.  That’s the easy bit, why is there always a hard bit? The hard bit for me was picking two, there were so many to choose from.  I’m afraid it came down to whose was the cleanest and the easiest to prepare.

It’s a lot easier getting it ready for the mill you can just pull out the bits of straw etc… The fleece can fall apart and it really doesn’t matter, not so with a show fleece, which needs to stay as a whole and worst of all you get marked on how, in my case, badly you do it, hence picking the cleanest.

I found that I’m a very clumsy oaf when it comes to preparing show fleeces, which is why I’ve stuck at two. I had very good intentions with a couple of others, but by the time I’d finished with them they were perfect, perfect only for the mill :0))

My two very clean and complete fleeces belonging to Angelo and Blue, got parceled up and sent off.  Blue’s went to the GWR fleece show and she won her senior white class.  Angelo’s went to the Heart of England’s fleece show and he came second in the 12 -24 month white class.

two rossettes

GWR & Heart of England Fleece Shows

Having gotten bitten by the showing bug I parceled my two fleeces back up and sent them onto The Scottish National fleece show, which took place yesterday.  I was really pleased to hear that Blue again got first in her class and Angelo also got another second.  I don’t know what their scores and the comments were yet; I just hope I didn’t do too badly on the skirting front.

Wellground Blue Moon's winning rossette

Blue Moon winning fleece – Scottish National Fleece Show

Now I can’t wait till next year and all those fleece shows to enter, it’s so exciting.  I wonder can I cling film my grubby little monsters in the meantime to keep them all clean and shiney :0)).  I’m sure they roll on purpose just to spite me.  P.s Dora’s fleece is always immaculate, sod’s law.



  1. Karl & Lisa  November 12, 2012

    Congratulations guys, we have also got the bug of fleece shows and just as excited about what next year will bring.

    Well done again with a first and second from the Scottish National. If only we had skirted better………bring on next year!


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