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After just logging in to my web site account I find that this will be my 100th alpaca blog post. I can’t believe I’ve written that many already, how time flies when your having fun ๐Ÿ™‚

It would be really nice to celebrate this auspicious occasion with a blog full of my latest cria pictures, but unfortunately the pregnant girls haven’t obliged.

So instead I could post pictures of my gorgeous herd enjoying the lush grass and sunshine. Only there’s no sunshine only rain again and all the alpacas are looking a little limp and soggy.

The lush grass is true though and it means the lawn mower needs to come out to play to day as the grass around their latrines so needs cutting.

I need to get a wiggle on with that job as the worst of the weather seems set to hit us later today. How much do you want to bet that as soon as it comes over Dora will go into labour! Please old girl wait until next week and the better weather!

So, sorry no pictures today, but as soon as the summer comes back the first job on the agenda will be a date with my camera, I promise.

I’m starting to panic a little here as shearing is only a short time away and I really need to get some nice pictures of them all in fleece. I made that mistake last year and have loads of them shorn but hardly any of them with full coats ๐Ÿ™

Some close ups of their fleeces would be nice too, but I find that extremely hard to take, It’s an area I really need to persevere in as I would love to share how gorgeous their fleeces are. Especially the youngsters, Imposition did us really proud last year and his youngsters are outstanding. I just need to brush up on my camera techniques to do them justice, any tips here would be greatly appreciated.

I’ll set my self a challenge that before my 200th blog I’ll have some decent shot’s. You’ll soon know if I’m not getting any better with my camera as my post’s will quickly diminish to once monthly ๐Ÿ™‚














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