Two First Timers

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Yesterday at 10.55 am the latest addition to our alpaca herd arrived.

It came as a little bit of a shock as my girls never ever deliver early, even my experienced mothers tend to make me wait right to the end of their dates and so to have a first time mother deliver just five days into her dates was a surprise.

A very nice surprise, in fact it was a double surprise as not only was Sassy Surprise, that’s her name honest, a first time mom, but this was also High Commisioner’s first offspring.

This cria was the result of just one mating when High Com was a month shy of being two years old

If that wasn’t impressive enough, what the pair of them together have created is absolutely stunning.

Probably not surprising considering this little ones pedigree packs a real punch.

It boasts Peruvian Maximus, Cambridge Spartacus, Jolimont Conquistador and Commisario to name but a few.

Anyways enough of the genealogy let me proudly introduce Marlie, who has been named in honor of my mum.

Isn’t she just gorgeous, I don’t know whose more proud me or her mommy.



I’ll have to let you into a little secret Sassy Surprise really did live up to her name.

As I’ve previously mention she was a first time mum and quite understandably when she went into labour she didn’t have a clue what was happening to her.

She was very vocal towards the end as all her field mates had retired to the other side of the paddock to give her some space.

Well Sassy wasn’t having any of that she was hurting and she wanted their support.

They of course came running to her calls, but got sidetracked by the little head that had just popped out.

Sassy was not amused that they were ignoring her and turned to find out what was so interesting behind her.

On seeing Marlie’s head protruding poor Sassy had the fright of her life and started running in circles to get away from it.

Luckily the contractions took over and Sassy had to stop running to push.

Good job too, I nearly had a heart attack thinking this baby was going to come flying out amidst Sassy’s spins

Both mother and daughter bonded immediately on birth and I’m happy to say Sassy is proving to be a perfect mother now she has recovered from her surprise 🙂

Sassy & Marlie

Bless she even lifts her foot of the ground to give Marlie better access to the milk bar 🙂

I had to laugh though, she started shouting again as her placenta was delivered.

It was as if she was saying what the hells coming out of me now 🙂





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