Tightly Packed Alpacas

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It’s been four days now and still no new alpaca offspring have made an appearance. Come on girls it’s starting to feel like my binoculars are a permanent fixture on my face πŸ™

Truth be known, I’m grizzling because these binoculars are really interfering with my consumption of magnum ice creams.

I could really use another hand, one to hold my lolly, one for the binoculars and one to alter the focus and pick up all the chocolate bits that are still dropping off. Perhaps I should just get a bib πŸ™‚

Last night and through to early this morning we’ve had some pretty spectacular thunder storms.

I tried to take some photo’s of the forked lightening but totally failed in the attempt. I’m of course going to blame my camera here, slow shutter speed etc.. and not me being absolutely totally useless.

Along side the thunder and lightening we had some pretty heavy rain showers, which dare I say it, were most welcome.

The fields were starting to look a bit dry and scorched and so needed a good watering to promote fresh grass growth.

What totally surprised me was the alpacas, you’d think they would enjoy a quick shower, anything to cool them down a bit.

But no, first sign of the rain each and every last one of them scampered of and were found huddling in the field shelters.

What are they like? I certainly took advantage and got absolutely soaked to the skin.

I’m glad no one but the alpacas were watching as my rendition of singing in the rain was I’m sure a sight for sore eyes.

Perhaps that’s the real reason the alpacas were tightly packed in their field shelters.

I don’t think they are great lovers of my singing πŸ™‚

I have to say however, that it’s the most refreshed I’ve felt in weeks.

Not that it lasted very long, as soon as the rain stopped it felt more hot and humid than ever πŸ™‚







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