This is an Alpaca Farm!

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I just thought I’d better reiterate that this is an alpaca farm 🙂

I’d assumed most of you had already guessed this by now as my blogs are full of waffle about one alpaca or another and of course the numerous alpaca pictures I post should have helped confirm this.

But maybe this is not the case as over the weekend we had a visitor arrive at the farm.

This person and I shall mention no names as I wouldn’t want to embarrass the poor chap.

Yes I can confirm it was definitely a man for all those of you out there that think it’s only us women that come out with silly things 🙂

I digress, best I cut to the chase and let you in on the biggest laugh I’ve had in ages, he wanted to know if we had any Ostrich eggs for sale.

Ostrich eggs!!!!

I’m confused, where was I going wrong. My sales technique must be really off kilter attracting people for Ostrich eggs!!!!

Where to start without offending the poor chap, thinking on my feet, I explained to him that I had a load of bantam chickens eggs he was quite welcome too, but he would have to squint real hard and have an awfully good imagination to make them look like an Ostrich egg.

His response was, Oh! hasn’t the Ostrich in your front field started laying yet then ?

Even more confused, Ostrich in my front paddock!!! This I got to see.

I grabbed a couple of herding sticks, having no idea where I was going to herd it to, just remembering from somewhere that they can be a bit vicious when upset and so I best be prepared for all eventualities.

Huffing and puffing, hard work all that running, I arrived in the front paddock to find an enormous ostrich?

No! Had it run off already?

No! According to my red faced visitor it was still there, only on closer inspection perhaps it wasn’t an ostrich after all.

I took a photo today, too busy laughing on the day in question, for your perusal.

I quess from a distance?

I guess from a distance?

What do you think?

To me it looks like electric tape wrapped around a fence post in the horses paddock, but who am I to say, best I unwrap it to prevent any more confusion 🙂




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