The shelves are all stocked

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Today has been a day full of deliveries, First a large lorry carrying a couple of pallets of cardboard bedding,  This is for Charlie my Anglo Arab horse, he is a very sensitive chap and is allergic to hay and straw and so has a lovely deep bed of cardboard and a hay rack full of haylage.

Dowinies Classic Colours, stable name Charlie

Next came a fresh supply of flaked peas, these were for the alpacas, they absolutely love peas and so do all the others here including the chickens.  I have to keep a beady eye on the pea supplies as one of my happy helpers often pinches handfuls and peas appear all over the place.  Naughty mother no wonder she has a long trail of chickens following her where ever she goes.

marlene & chickens

The hay, straw and haylage are already stored away.  The log pile is full to the brim, the barns are full to bursting, winter can do its worst, we’re prepared. Bet this will be the mildest winter ever now :0))

I hope so else there could be one major problem. How will the Tesco’s delivery van get down the lane if we have deep snow?  Big problem, the thought of having to go do my own shopping is really, really not a pleasant thought.  How lazy am I?

I’ll send Neil in the landrover with a list, ha ha sorted :0))




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