Sunshine after the Rain

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I have to thank Roger Clarke of Amberly Alpacas for the title of today’s blog. It was from a lovely comment he recently made and it is just so apt I had to use it. Thank you Roger 🙂

Well yesterday was the day Blue Moon decided to present us with her cria.

Blue is one smart cookie, she picked the right morning as up until about 11.30 am we had a lot of cloud cover and a bit of a breeze. It was still really hot but nowhere near as oppressive as it has been of late.

Sorry that sounds like I’m moaning, I’m not honest, but you have to admit it has been rather warm.

The weather just seems to bounce from one extreme to another. It would be nice to have something a bit more moderate for a change, I remember when I was a lass……. 🙂

Us farmers are we ever happy? 🙂

I digress, now where was I, oh yes, out popped the little ones head and OMG all the clouds disappeared and I nearly passed out it was so hot. Poor Blue as smart as she is, was fifteen minutes out in her timings.

Simply Sizzling was born at 11.45 am. With the temperature like it was, what else could she be called 🙂

Little Sizzle is the seventh Honeyfield girl in a row, that little whisper in the ear of my stud males last year seems to be working a treat 🙂

I know all you really want are the pictures, not all my waffle, so here she is at a couple of hours old, Honeyfield Simply Sizzling.

Honeyfield Simply Sizzling - elite alpaca


Honeyfield Simply Sizzling

Sire: Honeyfield Angelo,

Dam: Blue Moon.

Lineage: Spartacus, Commish Lad, Commisario



  1. Amberly Alpacas  July 25, 2014

    Well, I am glad it made you smile…
    I’m just returning the favour


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