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I’m pleased to announce the happy, or maybe not so happy:0)) reunion between Neil and the poo-hoover. It’s been a week since he’s been back to work, but today saw the start of the weekend and me stood ready to hand the hoover over. I knew I looked forward to the weekend for a reason :0))

Before he trundled of up the paddocks, poo-hoover in hand, we had a Lambivac session. Half the herd were due today and the other half are due in March. I find it easier to split them into two groups so that as the cria are born and they have received there initial vaccination and booster, it’s easier to tie them in with one of the larger groups if they are split.

Of course we had to have another rummage through their fleeces. I just can’t seem to resist any opportunity to have another look, they are just so good. It never fails to excite me opening up an alpaca “walking hayrack’s” fleece and finding it brilliant white and perfectly crimped. I could really wax lyrical here and still not be able to describe how yummy they really are. In the meantime you would all be bored and thinking that I need to get out more :0))

After finishing all the vaccinating, condition scoring and fleece rummaging, the Alpaca’s were all released into their paddocks to enjoy a munch on the grass. Which signified time for a well earned coffee break, the poo-hoovering could wait thirty minutes.

As it happened this was perfect timing as, just as we got back to the cabin a courier arrived with a little treat I’d bought myself. My new toy is a Wacom Bamboo, and I can’t wait to have a play with it. Maybe tonight I’ll have time and then on my next blog I’ll show you what I’ve been up to and it will probably confirm that I definitely need to get out more :0))




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