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For a change, today’s blog is not about alpacas. The proud mommy I’m talking about in the title is me.

My youngest child, Lauren, a short time ago finally finished her degree in Narrative & Sequential Illustration, she is an amazing artist, aided with an absolutely incredible imagination and I’m very proud to say she passed her degree with flying colours.

As you would expect I’m a great admirer of her work and when asked a couple of years ago what I would like for a mother’s day present, I requested a portrait in pencil of Dora and her then cria, Benson.

Well nearly three long years have passed and finally this morning, I was presented with my long awaited mother’s day present. Was it worth waiting for, I think so 🙂 what do you think?

Dora & Benson - elite alpacas for sale

Dora & Benson - elite alpacas for sale

Dora & Benson - elite alpacas for sale

Lauren l know is not at all interested in doing portraits of this nature much preferring to work in her own style, which is a lot more creative, hence the three year wait for my finished piece methinks 🙂

Lauren knows I’m only joking, she’s had very little spare time in the last three years to concentrate on anything outside of her degree. I did however manage to persuade her to draw one other picture of a friend’s mother & cria on a commission basis, so that I could have it framed and presented to them as a special gift.
I mention this as at the BAS National Show this year, I saw this very picture on a stall up for sale. Obviously they didn’t appreciate the gift or the work that went into it, but never mind, I’m hoping who ever bought it does.

If anyone reading knows who now owns the picture, it would be really, really lovely to hear of its whereabouts. Lauren works under the name Poppy Price and if it is hers it will be signed Poppy on the front right hand corner.



  1. Amberly Alpacas  August 6, 2014

    What a beautiful and precious piece! Well done Lauren and Donna, both you and Neil have every right to be proud!

    • Denise Barritt  August 6, 2014

      Amazing talent, capturing their personalities is very hard to acheive, well done, I’m sure many orders will be coming your way in the near future, might have to speed up a bit though, maybe one year instead of three to wait, lol, Brilliant!
      Denise Barritt@ Alpaca Glamour


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