Manipulative Little Rotters

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The crocs are still winning, which means my barn should be empty of at least the boys at night. Is it? No!

Every morning after yet again mucking out their pen, I say tonight’s the night boys, your staying out. Even one less pen to muck out would be a bonus, it is starting to feel like they’ve all been in for ever.

So I tell the boys it’s nice and dry, you have a field shelter with hay racks full of nice soft hay and with your big fluffy fleece you surely won’t even notice it’s cold.

Notice I start the day off with great intentions, where it all goes wrong is at their afternoon feed. I share their concentrate, mixed with flaked peas along their troughs and there all tucking in happily, so far so good and then I turn to leave their paddock. This is where it all goes wrong, they leave their food and follow me to the gate, desperate to get out and get to the barn.

I know its only routine as during the bad weather shortly after this feed is when I bring them in. But their little faces pushed up at the gate humming just melts my heart and I give in.


The manipulative little rotters, these alpacas have me just where they want me :0)) Its funny I don’t even think about the mucking out when I look into their big brown eyes, but you can guarantee it won’t be their big brown eyes I will be cussing tomorrow morning :0))

boys running to the barn

They do make me laugh though, I open the gate and there off.  They sprint all the way down the race into the barn and by the time I get there, they are all in their pen stuffing their faces on haylage.  They don’t even try going in the other pens they know their own, smart boys.

Another bit of news I’m very pleased about, is that I have been co-opted as a Councilor on the Parish Council. Wanborough although being very close to Swindon, is still a very rural village and this is a great opportunity to become more involved in the village that has become our home.



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