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Oh I’m so sorry but I just can’t help it, I’ve just got to share.

My skirting fairy came to call again yesterday and together we worked through some more of my fleeces 🙂

I say together but that’s not quite true, I flapped about a bit oohing and ahing at all the shinny bits and she knuckled down and did all the work.

What am I like, bloody usless I know 🙂 but I just couldn’t help it.

I haven’t really paid much attention to my fleeces, apart from the one we looked at last week, since shearing day.

Shearing day is such a long and busy day, with the welfare and comfort of the alpacas obviously being put first and foremost, you really don’t have time to appreciate the fleeces as they are removed from each alpaca.

Mostly it’s just a quick glance at each one as they are shoved into a bag ready for sorting on another day.

Today was my first real opportunity to have a rummage through, and how excited was I? A child let loose in a sweet shop comes to mind, they were just so yummy.

What I was initally surprised by was how clean right across the board the fleeces were this year.

Surprised because I expected them to be horrendous after the lousy weather we’d had throughout last year.

This fleece belonging to Truly Scrumptious was absolutely spotless, how?

Truly - elite alpaca

This is the outside of her fleece.

Don’t ask I don’t have a clue, but probably due to how very dense it was. Whatever I just hope she keeps up the good work and next years comes out exactly the same.

Hers I definitely don’t mind skirting there’s nothing much to do.  I think I should have called her Miss Teflon 🙂

I also have to mention how very very impressed I am by Wellground Imposition, my main stud in 2011, all of the cria he sired are absolutely superb.

I can’t quite believe how all of his traits, i.e stunning brightness, density, crimp definition, softness and greasy feel etc.. are uniform in every one of his cria. In fact the fleeces are so similar it’s very difficult to tell them apart.

Here are just a few pics I managed to take yesterday in-between all my oohing and aahing. I know I was skiving again 😉

Elite alpaca fleece

Elite alpaca fleece

Can you believe this fleece (11.5 month cria) excluding the twiddly bits on the end was 12cms long.

Elite alpaca fleece

Elite alpaca fleece

Elite alpaca fleece



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