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MY happy little alpaca helper, aka my mother is back from her holidays and so we thought we’d have a barbecue today to celebrate her return. So sorry folks that’s set the scene for rain again today 🙂

My mother on her return has promised an imminent birth, as Dora who is in fact my mother’s alpaca, unbeknown to me was under strict instructions not to deliver whilst my mother was away. I’m amazed knowing Dora as I do she’s playing along, favouritism is what that is!

I’m saying nothing about her holding out a little longer for a sunny day because the old baggage will wait for the heaviest down pour to drop her baby just to spite me 🙂

Terence my daughter’s boyfriend is also here for the weekend to celebrate his birthday and yesterday as a birthday treat she took him out for the day. What classes as a treat is a lot different than in my day when we ‘d go to visit a zoo or maybe the beach etc..these days is going off Zombie shooting so I’m told.

Charlie my son went to one of these event days earlier in the year in London and enjoyed it so much he wiggled in on the act yesterday. This time it was held some where near Birmingham and so an early start was called for as they had to be there for 9.30 am. After their early start, a long drive there and back and a good few hours running around a stately home, they ended up looking more like Zombies than the ones they were supposed to be chasing.

From what I can gather from their tired mumbled comments I think they had a good time and this time they brought me back a souvenir. No, not a real life Zombie, although if it was any good at mucking out and poo-hoovering I might not have minded:)

They brought me a photo of which I’m happy to share.  I’ll leave you to decide which are my two children and Terence and which are the Zombies 🙂

Zombie Event Day



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