Dora’s Last Dance

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That title sounds a bit ominous, but don’t worry there’s nothing wrong with our Dora, in fact at the moment she’s a very happy little alpaca.

The last dance I’m referring to occurred last year, when she had a little dalliance with one of our stud males, High Com.

We had already decided that this was to be Dora’s last mating as she’s getting on a bit now and in our opinion has earned her right to retire.

I say retire but it’s more a semi-retirement as her duties as herd matriarch are still very much in demand and will be so for the foreseeable future.

In this role none of the other girls quite match up just yet, but maybe out of the six little girls that have just been born, one of them just might possibly grow up to fill her boots 🙂

Dora’s last three offspring have all been white males, no surprise on the white front as apart from Dora and First Edition my alpaca herd is all white, but as this was to be her last cria, we were keeping everything crossed for something a little bit special.

Did Dora deliver just what we’d been longing for?

Well for those of you who remember Sesame Street, let’s play the game  “One of these things is not like the others”

Please Scroll Down 🙂







Honeyfield Coco Chanel - elite alpaca

Coco Chanel -1 hour old

Just what we requested thank you Dora, a beautiful chocolate brown little girl 🙂 Honeyfield Coco Chanel



Honeyfield Coco Chanel - e;lite alpaca

Honeyfield Coco Chanel

Sire: High Commisioner, Dam: Dora



  1. Rob  July 22, 2014

    It’s lovely to see Dora again. Her baby looks gorgeous. Have a happy retirement Dora. She deserves it now.

    Rob n Les


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