Deja Vu

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It’s a little bit of a stressful household here at the moment, not I hasten to add due to the alpacas, they are all doing fine, even with the distinct lack of grass.

Mind there’s good news on that front, with the temperature finally hitting 10 degree’s here the spring grass will soon be making an appearance. It’s about time, I started to forget what proper green paddocks looked liked.

Now the temp has risen to that magic ten degrees and we have a little rain due this evening, its time to spread grass trac on the empty paddocks and also a little grass seed on a few bald patches.

Maybe soon, as long as it’s only a little rain and not the typical of late – deluge, the alpacas will be out full time. No more mucking out the barn, I don’t have enough smiley’s to convey my joy over that one 🙂

Anyway I digress, as I was saying it’s a little bit stressful here because of my son Charlie, who is fast approaching the end of his degree. Studying at UWE in Bristol, approximately 45 minutes away, has meant that he could commute to University rather than living on site.

Up until now it’s worked out really well, both for him and us. He’s studying computer programming and so you can imagine how much of his time he spends glued to a computer screen, far to much!

Whilst at home we’ve been able to drag him away and get him out on the farm so at least he gets some fresh air and of course physical exercise, hey you know me never one to miss an opportunity 🙂

Also of course he built my web site for me and is always on hand in case I break it, which before you think that’s the real reason I’m glad he’s at home, I haven’t broken it yet!

I don’t know whether that’s down to my own computer skills, probably not, or just that he made a bomb proof site 🙂

Now however I paying for it, as I knew I would, his final project/dissertation is due in Thursday and he still hasn’t finished it.

It will get finished, but it’s been a round of only a few hours sleep, with me waking him up, steering him to the shower, handing him his coffee and food and getting him back on track.

It’s a deja vu moment as I took my degree in my thirties and that last push I don’t think I’ll ever forget. I was so close to the dead line, 5 minutes to spare, I delivered my dissertation in my pajamas. I was rewarded by achieving a first but dose that compensate for being seen running across a busy car park in p’jays and fluffy slippers?

So I understand what he’s going through, which makes it really hard as there’s not a lot I can really do to help, but be there for him.

I have however washed and ironed a nice pair of pajamas and arranged for him to be driven to Bristol on Thursday to hand it in. There’s no way I’ll allow him to drive as he’s had no sleep and as soon as it’s handed it over he’s going to come down with a bang.

The fluffy slippers might be a problem however as his feet are too big!





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