Alpaca’s Singing?

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Early this morning I took a leisurely stroll around the farm, in order to check that everything was tickety boo. Alpacas and horses were all fine and busy stuffing their faces as per usual.

It’s got to be the best part of the day, with the sun rising, the birds beginning their morning chorus, beautiful, so peaceful and then Ronnie my cockerel has to go and shriek let me out. That bird definitely needs some singing lessons:)

My morning walk sets me up for the day especially when I’m all up together with the mowing and strimming around the borders etc.. It leaves me with a rather self satisfied grin, it all looks so lovely and it’s all mine 🙂

Credit where credit is due, I do get a lot of help from the alpacas to keep everything nice and tidy.

We alpaca breeders rave on and on about what gentle intelligent creatures they are and the magical qualities of their fleece’s etcetera etcetera.

This is all of course true but we do tend to forget their other great attributes, what great gardeners they make.

They are constantly at work mowing the grass down nice and short and with their soft padded feet they cause little damage even in the wet weather.

Their paddocks look like mowed lawns especially when compared to the equivalent horse fields, that are full of divots etc..

The alpacas even kindly trim back my willow tree and I know for a fact I could never get that line so straight.

This morning I had my camera with me and was able to catch First Edition doing a spot of maintenance, carry on girl your doing a cracking job.

First Edition - Elite Australian Alpaca

Watching them all busy at work, reminds me of Willy Wonka’s and his troop of Umpa Lumpa’s.  I’m just waiting for my alpacas to burst into song, I think I might have a long wait 🙂










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