Alpaca Rite of Passage

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Today was a very auspicious occasion for one little male alpaca, today was the day I had decided he was to become a man.
That is all well and good I hear you say but had I checked with the said male, Honeyfield Angelo, to see if he was ready, willing and able.

Honeyfield Angelo - elite alpaca

Honeyfield Angelo

No of course I hadn’t, Superior genetics and all that, of course he’d be willing, ready and able, he’s my boy 🙂

Was I heading for a fall, probably but hey ho you don’t know until you

try 🙂

Well it didn’t start off to well. Angleo when presented with the chosen female, rather than spring into action as I was hoping, just stood there like a melon smiling at her, bl**dy typical 🙂

So being kind and considerate, perhaps he was feeling a little shy, I backed of and let the two of them have a bit of private time to acquaint themselves.

Ten minutes later Angelo was still showing no sign of any impending action and reading his body language, melon was still an accurate description.

Dam, just my luck, this young lad is pretty special and I have spent the last couple of years waiting patiently for this day to arrive.

Time to bring in my secret weapon, Neil with his impersonation of a male alpacas orgle.

I will own up to having tried to replicate this sound myself, but my rendition must have been pretty awful as the alpacas all ran away and Neil was rolling around on floor in hysterics. What can I say, I tried!

Neil began his alpaca orgle serenade and down the female dropped, come on Angelo this is called, being offered it on a plate, get in there.

Bless him that’s exactly what he did, that’s my boy I never doubted you for a minute 🙂

Fifty minutes later the deed was done and Angelo had risen to the enviable status of stud male.

Wow! fifty minutes for a first time, I don’t know who was more shocked him or me, but going by his demeanor afterwards, I think he takes that prize. So funny, I think it might take another session before he actually quite registers whats  happening 🙂





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