Alpaca Mayhem

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Another beautiful sunny day here in Wiltshire and according to the forecast it’s set to get even hotter over the weekend. Temperatures are estimated to reach 27 degree’s on Sunday and Monday.

Wow! that is hot, for the UK anyway. Don’t worry I’m not complaining, I wouldn’t dare after last summer 🙂

I am just so grateful that all my alpacas are all shorn, with that kind of heat expected  they would have been really struggling if still carrying their heavy fleeces.

As it is, even recently shorn, the heavily pregnant girls are fighting over prime positions in the field shelters, anything I think for a bit of shade.

The naughty yearling boys are all fighting over who can get into get in the water troughs first.

My water troughs are all raised up of the ground but still the boys manage to get their front feet up and in and splash the water out all over their tummies.

I might have to consider getting those boys a paddling pool if this weather continues.

Although saying that, knowing those boys, I would have to predict a certain amount of mayhem as none of them like to share 🙂

Our alpaca farm  suddenly seems quite quiet today, the fencing team who have been working non-stop for the last week or so are gone.

They finally finished laying the badger fencing yesterday and what a grand job they’ve done.

bio-secure alpaca fencing

The next stage is to back fill all the trenches and bury the fencing underground.

For that we need a larger JCB, with a big reach, so that it can lift the earth over the fence and back into the trenches.

The big machine hopefully will arrive on Sunday and it’s only fair seeing as Charlie made all the mess digging out all the trenches, that he has the pleasure of filling them all back in again.

I’m sure he’s really looking forward to that job, Not! 🙂



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