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With spring being just round the corner and all thoughts returning to the approaching birthing season, I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t yet registered last years offspring, how bad is that? Luckily it only takes a few minutes to rectify and all the cria are now officially recorded with the BAS.

One little lad has already been earmarked by a breeder who wants him for a future herd sire. He will have to wait a few months yet as The Vigilant, aka shit head as he’s more affectionately know, has only just been weaned and will need time to adjust to life without his mom before he leaves the only home he’s ever known.

He’s known as shit head because he is the naughtiest, funniest little alpaca I think we’ve ever had. He is always up to mischief. You can guarantee if anything is happening out on the farm, he is smack bang in the center of it. You could almost hear the collective sigh of relief from all the females the day I weaned him, their paddock could resume the peaceful serenity they enjoyed before he was born. Even his mother looked relieved, bless her 🙂

The Vigilant is one very special little boy, his fleece is absolutely beautiful and I’m certain he is a star in the making. His pedigree reads like a who’s who in the alpaca world, his genetics coming from Commisario, Ruffo, Gianmarco, Sculptor and even Hemmingway. With a pedigree like that perhaps I shouldn’t really be calling him shit head and should instead use his full title?

Not a chance!!!

Well at least not till he grows up some and learns not to be so cheeky, although somehow with this one, I can’t see that happening any time soon 🙂

Why is he always so dirty?

Why is he always so dirty?

Whilst I was uploading all of the crias details to the BAS it was an opportunity, whilst sat at my computer, to check through the whole herds pedigree’s. Decision will soon need to be made for this years mating plans, what studs will be covering which females, the genetic lines that I am following etc..

That was a few hours lost and did I make any headway? Nope! I got slightly side tracked by all the famous fathers, mothers and grandfathers etc my herd has. With names including Ruffo, Caesar, Commish Lad, Spartacus, Conquistador, Commisario, Gianmarco, Czar, Sculptor, Maximus, Remarque, Brutus and Hemmingway, I’m surprised I ever get to make a decision. Good job I still have a little while to go and I get to enjoy the choices I made last year first.

This summer, is the summer of my two Supreme Champions, Angelo’s first offspring are due to be born and  Intrepid starts work, and if that wasn’t exciting enough there may also be the opportunity to add another famous genetic line to my herd. More on that another day,  for now that’s top secret 🙂





  1. Dannie Burns  March 4, 2014

    Donna you are so lucky to have so many great genetics in your herd ! the future is so bright for you and all your chums.


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