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Well can you guess what I have to tell you today? Yep another addition to my rapidly expanding alpaca herd πŸ™‚

Today it was the turn of Perfect Harmony, aka PH, to deliver.

PH another maiden who also didn’t have a clue what was happening to her.

PH has joined the elite run round and round in circles cause there’s a head poking out of my rear end and I don’t know who or what the hell it is club.

Don’t you just love these maidens πŸ™‚

Labour and delivery went nice and smoothly, the only hiccup was down to the weather. Which unfortunately decided to bucket down just at the moment the cria hit the ground, typical!

Being a heavy windy shower and not knowing how long it would go on for. I thought it a wise to move mother and baby into the barn for a bit of protection from the elements, whilst they bonded and sorted out the first feed.

I know I can already hear you say, it was still very warm and wouldn’t have been an issue but you must have realized by now that I’m a big softy.

Hey finding the milk bar for the very first time is difficult enough especially with brand new wibbly wobbly legs without the wind and rain causing added interference.

As it happens it was a smart move as the shower continued for quite a while and the little man would have taken for ever to dry out.

Being safely ensconced in the barn meant by the time the shower was over he was all fully fluffed up, full up on his mothers milk and more than ready for a well earned snooze.

So what did I do leave them to it? Nope, it was back out into the field for the two of them.

I maybe soft but not that soft, gotta to watch it with my girls if I make them to comfortable they all end up like Dora who would live in the barn permanently if she could πŸ™‚

Without further ado let me introduce our latest little boy Honeyfield Mackenzie.

Dam: Harefield Perfect Harmony

Sire: Wellground Imposition

Honeyfield Mackenzie -Honeyfield Alpacas

Honeyfield Mackenzie - Honeyfield Alpacas

Honeyfield Mackenzie - Honeyfield Alpacas



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