Alpaca Team Are Go!

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Alpaca farmer to the rescue da da dah!

Can you picture me in my wonder woman costume, cardboard knickers and all?

I know don’t go there πŸ™‚

Cardboard knickers! You have to be at least my age to remember that TV series.

Actually it was more like yard shoes and a snatched sweat shirt, probably for the best wouldn’t want to frighten the natives, but I did sort of fly out the door at 10.30pm on Sunday evening.

Now I know your just itching to ...

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Honeyfield Elite Alpacas Does it Again!

Posted By On Oct 2013 | 10 Comments

Two boys!, Two Fleece Shows! Two Supreme Champions! What a result!

August 2013 Hope Fleece Show Supreme Champion Honeyfield Intrepid.

October 2013 Heart Of England Fleece Show Supreme Champion Honeyfield Angelo.

That’s my boys!

To say I’m proud and honored is an understatement, I’m dancing!!!

The competition yesterday was really fierce, over a hundred and sixty fleeces were entered and the standard was absolutely amazing throughout all the classes.

Congratulations to everyone who entered and especially those awarded places.

To be awarded Supreme Champion over such competition ...

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More Elite Alpaca Fleece Shots

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What gorgeous weather on a bank holiday weekend too, wonders will never cease. Not to miss out on a photo opportunity I hot footed it out to the alpaca paddocks camera in hand.

Time to practice fleece shots on the boys πŸ™‚

From the results, I’m not sure I’m getting any better at it, but at least more of them were in focus this time and there were a lot less pictures of the floor, the sky and my manky looking hands ...

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Quality Elite Alpacas

Posted By On Aug 2013 | 13 Comments

Quality always, always stands out. To be up there with the very best, especially when working with elite white alpacas is a very difficult goal many strive to achieve.

After spending many years building our elite foundation herd, sourced from the very finest available genetics from around the world.

We are now in the position to assess the progress we have made through our own elite breeding programme.

Yesterday Honeyfield Alpacas proved it’s entitlement to carry that elusive title of Quality Elite Alpacas.

Five ...

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Hasta La Vista Baby!

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I’m afraid it looks like the creeping buttercups are winning, the alpaca paddocks are gradually turning yellow. Much as I enjoyed chopping the little blighters up with the lawn mower the following morning the blasted yellow weeds were waving their pretty little heads once again.

What a pain! and it is a pain because not only are buttercups quite toxic, they also over take the grass, my alpacas grass!

Those buttercups are on borrowed time, as soon as the wind drops they ...

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Elite Alpacas for Sale

Posted By On Aug 2013 | 4 Comments

Hi everyone,

At Honeyfield Alpacas, we have been working tirelessly to create on our farm the very highest quality alpaca genetics available in the World today.

Finally after years searching for the genetics to create our foundation herd, we are now in a position to offer for sale some of the finest alpacas in the UK today.

With elite alpaca genetics from Jolimont, EP Cambridge, Eringa Park, Silverstream and Wellground, we now have for sale some stunning alpacas some with wonderful elite cria ...

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Alpaca Retirement?

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Our latest arrival to our alpaca herd Wilson, is a lively little lad and is very happily running Dora ragged. Poetic justice I call that as she runs me ragged at every opportunity, I think I’m going to especially love this little boy, keep up the good work Wilson πŸ™‚

Joking aside, I really am pleased as her last cria Benson had a bit of a rough start. For some unknown reason Dora’s milk diminished considerably after a day, following his ...

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My apologies for not publishing my alpaca blog yesterday but I’m afraid I was absolutely shattered, it had nothing to do with our super duper new internet connection honest!

Charlie made me put that bit in as I mentioned about him messing with it the other day and according to him, he wasn’t messing he was fixing it so that it worked properly and so it does, thank you Charlie πŸ™‚

I knew I was shattered when I woke up at four ...

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Mice & Men

Posted By On May 2013 | 2 Comments

Yesterday I had lots planned, first on the list was trying to improve on the alpaca fleece shots. Some of the boys this time I thought, hoping they wouldn’t be quite so wiggly as the girls.

That job could take a while, dependent on how tolerant the boys were feeling and so for afterwards I thought mowing the doc leaves in the horses paddocks would be a great way to relieve my inevitable frustration.

To finish, a spot of painting I thought, ...

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So Slow

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I writing my alpaca blog today knowing you might not actually get to see it. Well at least not today and maybe not even tomorrow, but I’ll carry on writing it as I have high hope’s that eventually I will have access to my web site and get to publish it.

Can you sense there’s another one of my long winded story’s in the offing πŸ™‚

Living here on our alpaca farm out in the countryside is idyllic, but does have up ...

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